You need to secure your HTBasic applications from being pirated or re-engineered? And you need a low cost but secure solution?


Our programming library "Secure Library for HTBasic" features a multi-functional HTBasic SUB program and a special DLL (the DLL interfaces to the Dongle API and provides additional cryptographic functions). The dongle is from Technodata Interware.

The following security functions are available:


1. Check if the dongle is available at all

2. Read serial number of the dongle

3. Read the additional variable memory and check if the memory content is valid

4. Additional cryptographic functions for encryption and decryption of values within the HTBasic program

    Encryption is successful only if the correct dongle is inserted, otherwise the encryption function creates wrong values

Tips and tricks for good software protection

  Check dongle during program start

  Check dongle during program run too

  Evaluate dongle serial number

  Use dongle's user memory

  Use cryptographic functions

  Secure the HTBasic library "Secure_tools.lib" using the SECURE command

  Static include of SUB Secure_tools into your main program

System requirements

  Operating system: Windows 98SE/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

  HTBasic Version 8.0 and higher


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Secure Library for HTBasic


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