GPIB Interfaces


Tech Soft only supplies selected GPIB interfaces (also known as HP-IB and IEEE488) from various main brands which have been thoroughly tested and certified by our test team. We do not offer low-cost solutions which often have problems with driver quality and compatibility just to save a few dollars.

For our customers it is most important to get reliable solutions which simply *works*. All GPIB Interfaces are compatible with the IEEE488.1 and IEEE488.2 standards.

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GPIB Interfaces

GPIO is a flexible parallel interface that allows a variety of custom connections. Although GPIO typically requires more time to configure than HP-IB (GPIB), its speed and versatility make it the perfect choice for many tasks.  We offer GPIO options for HP-UX, Windows, Red Hat Linux and DOS. 

All GPIO interfaces are supersets of, and fully compatible with, the Agilent/HP GPIO interfaces (e.g. HP 98622A).

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High Speed PCI-VXI Interface

The TAMS 80100 PCI-VXI interface allows high speed control of a VXI chassis from a PCI HP-UX workstation and a PC running Red Hat Linux.

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Cables for GPIB and GPIO

The GPIB cables are triple-shielded to keep the cable capacitance below the IEEE specification of 150pF/m and to reduce radiated emissions. These cables will always keep up with the maximum IEEE 1Mbyte/second data rate. This low radiated emissions design has helped systems pass MIL-STD-461A, VDE 0871 and VDE 0875.

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