Tech Soft GmbH

Nibelungenstr. 4

D - 13465 Berlin


Ph:   +49-30-405 71 390

Fax: +49-30-406 377 26


Email: HTBasic[at]

Tech Soft GmbH, located in Berlin, Germany, was founded in 1991 and has many years of experience in porting old HP BASIC programs to PC based solutions.

Together with our hardware suppliers, we provide complete solutions which are 100% compatible with the existing system and - on demand - can be expanded and modernized in terms of user interface and functionality under modern Windows based operating systems.

Our customers relies on our expertise in migrating old HP based BASIC system to modern Windows based computers.

Due to the demand of our customers we have also created  add-on products like GRAPH-XT, the MS Office Interface, and the DAQmx driver, the Secure Library for HTBasic and others.