Tech Soft has successfully finished a lot of customer projects.

We also supply used HP362 / 382 workstations and repair services as well as spare parts.

Below you can find a (by no means comprehensive) list of customer projects done by Tech Soft:


Project description

- HTBasic Interface for Microsoft Excel

- Development of a DPlot driver library

- HTBasic interface for National Instruments DAQ hardware

- Program maintainance; HP BASIC programs ported to HTBasic for Windows

- Development and integration of an ASCII editors for HTBasic applications

- Replacement of an old HuDe DAQ interface with modern NI DAQ interface

Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt

- HTBasic interface for DAQ interfaces form Measurement Computing Inc.

 EADS Defence & Security

- HPL translation from HP 9825 to HTBasic under Windows

- Consulting during the porting of HP BASIC / RMB to HTBasic for Windows

- Development of a dongle library for USB dongles to protect your HTBasic

  programs from being pirated (including cryptographic functions)

- Development of an interface between HTBasic and Microsoft Access database

- HTBasic interface for Microsoft Word

- Development of an HTBasic interface for Spider8 measurement devices

- DLL development

Ingenieurbüro Dr. Rick

Thermodynamik und Verfahrenstechnik

- Porting of HTB386 -> HTBasic für Windows

- Custom programming

LfK Lenkflugkörpersysteme

- Porting and modernizing of a big automatic test system from HP BASIC to

  HTBasic for Windows (> 50.000 source code lines)

- Porting HP 9835 -> HTBasic

- Older programs have been modernized (GUI)

- Replacement of old BCD interfaces with PC-I/O interfaces incl. driver

MTU Friedrichshafen

- Porting RMB -> HTBasic

- Excel Interface for HTBasic

- Generic programming services

- Excel / Word interface for HTBasic

- Porting RMB -> HTBasic

- Programming of HP 3852 VXI mainframes

  E3-A Component

- Upgrade of digital testers HMC-193 (identical to GenRad 2225)

   -> Replacement of old tape drives with modern drives using standard SD cards

   -> Transfer of 80 existing tapes with test programs to SD card drive

   -> Existing test programs can be used WITHOUT changes on new hardware

Last Update: 27 July 2011