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TAMS BASIC for 11i allows you to directly migrate your Rocky Mountain BASIC (RMB) programs to HP-UX 11i. 

Compatibility is assured because TAMS BASIC for 11i is a direct, source code port of Agilent's (HP) BASIC/UX 700 (E2045C). BASIC for 11i is compatible with all other HP BASIC platforms, so you could develop a program on your HP-UX workstation and then port it to your PC.

An internal program editor checks syntax as you write the program. Trace tools provide a line-by-line log of executed statements and variable changes as the program runs. With TAMS BASIC for 11i you can store a library of subroutines in various languages for re-use, calling them as needed. Use the powerful graphics of BASIC to clearly display your data or build high-quality user interfaces for your applications.

CSUB and Compiler

The CSUB function provides BASIC programmers with the speed and flexibility of the C language and computational efficiency of FORTRAN. Functions written in these languages, or in Pascal, can be linked into your BASIC programs to provide a hefty performance boost.

BASIC Plus is included

BASIC Plus expands BASIC by providing user interface graphics commands and online help. BASIC Plus lets you easily create bright, crisp user interface graphics. All the graphics provide a wide range of settings that you can easily customize to meet your application requirements. With just a few lines of code, you can create many graphics objects, including objects as complicated as strip charts.

BASIC Plus provides online help for all the BASIC keywords. You can access information directly by keyword, or by using the keyword dictionary. You can even copy examples from online help directly into your BASIC program!

Programme von anderen BASIC Plattformen

Most program files from BASIC/WS, BASIC/UX s/300, BASIC/UX s/700, or TAMS BASIC for Linux will load directly into TAMS BASIC for 11i without modifications.


Key features and specifications


Compatible with other HP BASIC platforms


Easy-to-learn/use textual programming language


Powerful graphic commands to display data


High-speed computation


CPU requirements: PA-7100LC or greater. B, C, & J Class workstations


HP-UX software requirements:

  - HP-UX 11i Version 1 TCOE (Technical Computing Operating Environment)

  - HP-UX 11i Version 1 MTOE (Minimal Technical Operating Environment)


Memory requirements: 10 MB of free disk space, 96 MB of system RAM (128 MB recommended)


I/O Cards Supported (PCI bus only):

- GPIB (HP-IB, IEEE-488): TAMS 70488, TAMS 71488, or Agilent E2078A

- GPIO:  TAMS 71622

- VXI Controller: TAMS 80100


TAMS BASIC for 11i is a 32bit application that runs on both 32bit and 64bit machines.


A license to use is required for each workstation running the software.  For a single workstation, just order 72047A.  It  inlcludes one "License to use" (72047A-0700) and one "Media on CD" (T2047A-M100).  For multiple workstations, additional licenses are required, but all may share the same media CD.


TAMS BASIC for 11i includes BASIC Plus.  

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