With the new DAQmx for HTBasic Library you can use all National Instruments DAQ hardware which supports the new NI-DAQmx driver model.


The DAQmx for HTBasic Library supports all functions from

DAQmx 8.x, including standard analog and digital data acquisition, counter functions as well as other highly sophisticated functions.


The software uses the built-in intelligence of the National instruments DAQ hardware, e.g. in order to run several measurements in background while your HTBasic program works on other important tasks. The more than 480 supported functions are compatible with the NI-DAQmx C function library v8.7.


Download the free, fully functional Demo Version and run the included example programs under HTBasic.

DAQmx product details




Compatible with all National Instruments DAQ boards which are supported by the NI-DAQmx driver v8.x*



Easy integration in HTBasic applications due to "application framework"


Function Library

Comprehensive function library with more than 480 powerful functions like callback services allowing multiple simultaneous measurements (if supported by the National Instruments hardware)



Many, well documented detailed HTBasic example programs



Comprehensive manual (pdf; 170+ pages)



Supports HTBasic 9.0 and higher (V9.4 recommended for Callback services); requires NI-DAQmx v8.0 or higher

New in Release 1.6: Supports Windows Vista, Windows 7 and HTBasic 10

  * List of NI-DAQmx compatible hardware:  http://www.ni.com/support/daq/versions.htm?node=14914

Supported functions include

(terms used are the same in NI-DAQmx):

  * Task Configuration & Control

  * Channel Creation / Configuration

  * Timing Functions

  * Read & Write Functions

  * Triggering

  * Calibration

  * Switch Functions

  * Signal Routing

  * TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheets)

  * Events & Signals

  * Buffer Configuration

  * Callback Services

  * Watchdog

  * Task Storage

  * Additional special HTBasic functions

For people who needs professional DAQ functions under HTBasic this library is a must !

The DAQmx for HTBasic Library is a product developed by Tech Soft "made in Germany".

Not convinced yet?

Download the free, fully functional Demo Version and run the included example programs under HTBasic.

System requirements

  Operating system: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / 8

  BASIC: HTBasic for Windows Release 9.0 or higher (HTBasic 9.4 or higher recommended)

  NI-DAQmx: Version 8.0 and higher, including NI-DAQmx 9.1

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DAQmx for HTBasic Library V1.6


DAQmx for HTBasic Library V1.6 Update

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