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Would one be able to create the diagrams below using traditional HTBasic graphics commands only?

Click on the pictures below for full size view. 

Grain size distributions example
XY Diagram
This shows a simple XY diagram with 3 curves and the number format 'fractions of PI' for the x axis. Curve 2 is a scatter plot (only data points are shown with no line segments between them). Curve 3 is a curve fit of curve 2 using the built-in curve fitting functions of DPlot.
Grain size distributions example
Grain Size Distribution Plot
Grain size distribution plots are typically used in sieve analyses.
Grain size distributions example
Multiple Diagrams
This example shows four independant diagrams on one HTBasic screen.
Grain size distributions example
Bitmap Import Filter
Demonstration of the bitmap import filter. A bitmap has been imported and shown as a 3D contour plot, shown in high colour mode.
Grain size distributions example
Another 3D Contour Plot
3D contour plot of the equation 'z=4-(SIN(SQR(x^2+y^2)-3)+SQR(x^2+y^2)-3)', shown in high colour mode.
Grain size distributions example
SRTM Elevation Data Import Filter
3D contour plot of an imported SRTM data file, shown in high colour mode.
Grain size distributions example
Three Dependant Diagrams
Shows an imported wav file, an FFT and the histogram derived from the wav file data.
Grain size distributions example
ArcView Shape File Import Filter
Map of the world (without Antarctica) created from imported ArcView shape files.
Grain size distributions example
2D Contour Plot
2D L-shaped contour plot of an electrode.
Grain size distributions example
Box-and-Whisker Plot
In descriptive statistics, a box-and-whisker plot is a convenient way of graphically depicting groups of numerical data through their five-number summaries (the smallest observation, lower quartile (Q1), median (Q2), upper quartile (Q3), and largest observation).
Grain size distributions example
Triangle Plot
A triangle plot (also known as a ternary plot), is a graph of 3 variables. It is most often used in geologic studies to show the relative compositions of soils and rocks, but it can be more generally applied to any system of three variables.
Grain size distributions example
Tripartite Plot
A tripartite plot (also known as "four coordinate paper") consists of a logarithmic scale on both the X and Y axes and two additional logarithmic scales that are derived from the X and Y axes by some fixed relationship. It is typically used in vibration analyses.

GRAPH-XT is another product developed by Tech Soft "made in Germany".

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  Operating system: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

  HTBasic for Windows Release 9.2 or higher


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