System Overview

GRAPH-XT uses the power and flexibility of the commercial application DPlot from Hydesoft.


The diagrams can be printed and mixed with the traditional HTBasic graphics commands.
You can even re-size the HTBasic window and the graphics will automatically be re-scaled with just one function call !


Full HTBasic source code included

GRAPH-XT provides more than 50 functions in order to produce stunning 2D and 3D graphs. You get the full source code of the HTBasic library which allows you to add new functions or alter existing functions.

Grain size distributions example
GRAPH-XT System Overview


  • Handles up to 32 diagrams at once, up to 100 curves per diagram
  • Easily get perfectly formatted diagrams immediately from your measurement data
  • Diagrams can be placed everywhere on the screen with any size
  • Displays multiple diagrams at once; real-time repainting of diagrams with just one function call
  • Diagrams can be mixed with HTBasic graphics commands
  • Diagrams can be saved as bitmap file (bmp, jpg, png, tif, gif, wmf, emf) for later use (e.g. import the file into your Office software)
  • Supports HTBasic's DUMP GRAPHICS command as well as printing directly through DPlot
  • Includes extensive online help and pdf manual (90+ pages) as well as many HTBasic examples
  • Multiple scaling types, including linear, logarithmic, and probability scales on the X and/or Y axes
  • Provides several special purpose scale types, including grain size distribution plots, tripartite grids (shock spectra), polar charts, triangle plots, N1.85 hydraulic scales, and also Mercator projection
  • Multiple independent or dependent scales; Built-in function generator

GRAPH-XT Product Package
GRAPH-XT Package

Currently supported diagram types

  • X-Y diagrams, Bar charts, Box-and-whisker plots and dot graphs
  • Contour plots of 3D data, shown as contour lines in a plan view of the XY plane or as shaded bands in a 3D projection, optionally with light source shading. DPlot accepts both randomly-spaced 3D points and points on a rectangular grid. For rectangular grids only, DPlot can also produce a waterfall plot and a simple wireframe mesh
  • Bubble plots with symbol sizes proportional to a third dimension
  • 3D scatter plots, with up to 100 data sets and colors based on Z value or data set
  • Error bars with magnitudes set to a constant value, a percentage of the amplitudes, or independently
  • Vector plots with vector lengths and colors proportional to a third dimension and angles from a fourth dimension
  • Fill between 2 curves, fill the area formed by closing a curve, or fill from a curve to a specified Y value. Choose from seven pre-defined fill patterns or create a custom pattern. Fill regions are also useful for solving inequalities and systems of inequalities

Other information

  • Choose from 40 symbol styles and/or 7 line styles for your XY plots. You have full control over symbol size, line weight, and color. In addition to the 40 built-in graphic symbols you can use any character from any of the Wingdings fonts included with Windows
  • Choose from a variety of number formats for each axis. Date and time formats are customizable
  • Curve fitting allows you to fit a polynomial to your data
  • Data manipulation functions include integration, differentiation, Fast Fourier Transform, filtering, data smoothing, and many other simpler editing functions
  • Interpolate between points, scan values of curves graphically, and report peak values
  • Include subscripts, superscripts, and characters from the Symbol font (Greek characters, trademark symbols, etc.) in the title lines and axis labels of your plots
  • Plot very large data sets. For XY plots, the total number of data points is limited to about 268 million

GRAPH-XT is another product developed by Tech Soft "made in Germany".

System Requirements

  Operating system: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista

  HTBasic for Windows Release 9.2 or higher

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